Raul <span data-lazy-src=
Raul De Sousa
I had the opportunity to use Tibisay's services for the fulfillment of two positions in our Financial Department. Tibisay is client-centric; first she understands the business and then she works on the development of candidates to specifically meet client's recruiting needs. This is her priority. She effectively understands the urgency of the requirement, producing candidates with the correct set of skills very quickly while positioning our company values, work ethics, competitive advantages in the best light and achieving sufficient interest and trust of such candidates to close the deal. This requires careful representation and skillful communication at every step in the process.
Ady <span data-lazy-src=
Ady Vyas
Engineering & Operations Executive
We retained Tibisay for helping us fill some difficult roles which combined business development, technical, construction, mechanical and electrical skill sets. Tibisay really took the time to understand our needs, our company culture, requirements and the need for passion to help us succced. She understood the key elements on candidates that would determine suitability for the roles, balancing technical experience, personality, location requirements, years of experience and compensation. She possesses strong communication and persuasive skills, she is results-driven and attentive to details as well as responsive, answering all my calls and emails at any time, adapting to my busy schedule. Tibisay is passionate, hard worker and she does everything it takes to complete the projects. Tibisay represented us in a professional manner in order to attract the best talent, she took time to prepare reports on each candidate as well as possesses strong work ethics, integrity and honesty. When dealing with challenging situations, she advised us what was the best course of action, thinking of our best interests. I would be happy to work with Tibisay again in the future.
Frank <span data-lazy-src=
Frank Kastelic
President at Custom Leather Canada Limited
In my various dealings with recruiters over the years, many have stood out, but mostly for the wrong reasons. My experience with Tibisay was extremely positive, as she placed me in my current role as President of Custom Leather Canada, and I couldn't be happier. She took the time to get to know me, what my career goals were, then made the connection engaging me at every step of the interview process with timely follow up, encouragement, and genuine concern. I would highly recommend Tibisay to anyone looking to place employees at any level, and I plan to continue using her firm for our future recruiting needs.
Carlos <span data-lazy-src=
Carlos Fernandez Espinola
President and Co-Founder
Tibisay has been of great support to our company. She has proven a hightandard of professionalism and effectiveness in the services she provides. Tibisay has been a great person to work with and, to interact with our team. She was able to understand our need and value. This helped the process of finding the right person for our organization. I highly recommend Tibisay and the services she provides.
Mark <span data-lazy-src=
Mark Child
Condor Gold plc engaged Tibisay to conduct an executive search for a senior exploration geologist. She did an excellent job, i found her to be very professional, she found the right person for the job. Mark Child, CEO
Alvaro <span data-lazy-src=
Alvaro Marquez
HR Director
I have had the opportunity to work closely with Tibisay for Recruitment and Selection of key positions for Organizations that I had worked for. I do confirm the professional capacity of Tibisay Bermudez, not only in the recruitment of highly qualified personnel, but in the way of leading businesses relations in general, characterized by a high sense of responsibility, total and absolute professional transparency and effectiveness in answering to difficult demands in personnel recruitment. She has also managed and lead outplacement projects under my scope, preparing professional individuals for the transition process, minimizing the negative impact and helping them to find new jobs.

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