About Our Services


We are able to deliver our services to domestic markets/local customers as well as Internationally  around the globe, by the use of latest communications technology, database and networks. Our expertise and sophisticated methods of research and international far-reaching network enable us to respond quickly to organization requirements, operating remotely when it comes to either Domestic and International assignments.

We are committed to sourcing, identifying, attracting and engaging superior people for your organization success.

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Full cycle recruitment process

For our offer we give the opportunity of unbundled services, where we separate recruitment processes into these 3 different aspects

  1. Definition of the profile and search and research and sourcing process.
  2. Interview process, evaluation, candidate introduction, complete interview reports as well as client interview coordination -> where we deliver the top 3-5 candidates ready for the final interviews.
  3. Cross check of references, recommendations and preparation of the final offer and negotiations. Personality and Psychological assessments would be included.

As part of our service offer, we are also capable of teaming with your Human Resources department and with other Recruitment firms to support the activities and target the deliverables with precision and accuracy

We work on the development of a short list of candidates with the mix of skills, competencies, personality traits, abilities and experience that not only are proven to be a good match for the role that you are seeking to fill but also high caliber candidates motivated to perform and successfully achieve what it expected of them.

Our approach is based in learning about your organization and agreeing on what is expected, what makes a candidate qualified and what are the metrics that you want to fulfill.

At Bermudez Intelligent Recruitment Inc. we build the trust of our clients and candidates, due to our passion, tenacity patience, endurance, determination and persistency in every project we have worked on. We look for perseverance, endurance and balance, the same attributes that reflect our own.

We look for candidates with a strong work ethic, committed, trustworthy, driven individuals, with the ability to build rapport and relationships and possess the right technical skills and qualifications.

Success Stories

We have successfully completed a wide range of assignments in a variety of vertical industries in Canada, USA, Latin America and Europe.

Learn more about the value we offer and the unique way that we can handle your specific needs; per project and per search, we know that every process is different and we make sure you are successful with each one.

Bermudez Intelligent Recruitment Inc.

Our Recruitment Practice is a delicate balance to be upheld. People matter, economies and organizations are built by strategic and driven people and we are all part of this fascinating ecosystem working to keep the balance.