Our prestigious client is a customer experience management and marketing company, committed to providing a fully integrated set of management services, including marketing, multiple communication channels, sales applications, loyalty programs and data management and data analysis, in order to enhance end-user/customer experiences.

The organization service offering strives to take other companies on a ‘customer first’ journey and identifying the shift in thinking, structure and resources required to truly put the customer at the heart of the business.

It is important that our client internal operations hold itself to the same ideal. HR’s customers other than our Corporate responsibility, is our employees – and the people of our client are the foundational elements of our service-based business success.

Hospitality Quotient, a successful New York hospitality consulting company, credits their success to their ‘employee first’ philosophy and highlights the importance of a creating a service culture of individuals with (1) optimism and kindness, (2) curiosity about learning, (3) an exceptional work ethic, (4) a high degree of empathy, and (5) self-awareness and integrity.

“By putting your employees first, you have happier employees, which then lead to a higher ‘Hospitality Quotient’. A higher HQ leads to happy customers, which benefits all the stakeholders. The cycle is virtuous, not linear, because the stakeholders all impact each other.”

Human Resource Department mandate is to: 

  • Embody a Customer/Employee First philosophy
  • Integrate and partner with internal clients and organizational departments
  • Identify, Develop and Maintain Corporate HR Guidelines and Policies
  • Elevate and enhance People and Culture Plan
  • Be a passionate ambassador of company’s brand in the marketplace

HR MANAGER, People & Culture:  Promotes and implements human resource values by planning and executing human resources programs and initiatives.

Reports to: Chief Financial Officer

Partner with: Operating Leadership Team

Areas of Responsibility:  

• People Hiring Strategy or Talent Pipeline 

▪ Coop Program or Proactive & Reactive Hiring Process or New Employee Onboarding/ Reputation Management (Glassdoor reviews) 

• People Satisfaction Strategy and Culture Strategy 

▪ Social Committee 

▪ Kenna Environment o Employee Satisfaction Measures & Improvement plans (Benchmarking & Survey) or Employee Recognition Strategy or Benefits Review or Retention Strategy 

• People Management & Development Strategy 

▪ Kenna U (webinars, newsletters, articles, library) 

▪ Book Club 

▪ Training Plans, Performance Review system & process, Salary Review / Performance raises 

• People Process Strategy, New Hire & Onboarding Process and/or Offboarding Process or Payroll Administration or Benefit Administration 

• Internal Control and HR Corporate guidelines or Maintenance, facilitation and administration of day-to-day HR Functions. 

•Review employee and freelance agreements. Review and provide feedback on termination agreements or Update Corporate guidelines as required by MDC and Best Practices, including MDC code of conduct, confidentiality and NDA, anti-bulling and harassment and diversification as well as provide best practices related to payroll taxes and deductions 

• Front Desk/Reception Supervision or Kenna First Impressions (Receiving guests, live & by phone) or Office Administration (shipping/mailing, travel, meals, coffee)

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Hiring, Developing and Retaining Strategies
  • Foster Teamwork, Building Relationships, Organizational Astuteness, People Skills
  • Manage Proficiency and Profitability, Promoting Process Improvement
  • Strong Communication skills
  • Ability to work as a partner with the CFO and all the departments and Operating Leadership Team based in New York.
  • Strong Problem Solving and conflict resolution skills, Employee vs Corporate vs Legislation
  • Degree in HR, CHRP, CHRL Designation
  • At least 5 years’ proven experience as a HR Manager
  • Active member for the HRPA organization
  • Health and Safety Certified 
  • Experience in the marketing and advertisement industry will be an asset.

Bermudez Intelligent Recruitment Inc.

Our Recruitment Practice is a delicate balance to be upheld. People matter, economies and organizations are built by strategic and driven people and we are all part of this fascinating ecosystem working to keep the balance.